Renovation & Restoration.

Restoration and renovation work is a particular speciality at LRP. We actively enjoy carrying out work on UK based prestigious and grade listed buildings. Our portfolio includes a mosque, hotels, town halls, restaurants, a church, a theatre, a crown court and a railway station.

Our knowledge, background and expertise are highly valued and we are very much in demand. LRP feels this kind of work requires a sympathetic respect for the building itself. We use our high standard of skill and craftsmanship, which include a careful attention to detail.

We provide:

  • Repair and restore damaged or missing plaster work - plain and decorative
  • Reproducing and matching existing traditional mouldings
  • Strengthening and re-hanging barrel ceilings
  • Repairing centre of ceiling roses
  • We can match any design.

LRP takes pride in assisting with the ongoing campaign to maintain and restore Britain's national heritage buildings.